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Client Properties (3.x)

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Below are properties set in that configure Accumulo clients. All properties have been part of the API since 2.0.0 (unless otherwise specified):

Property Default value Since Description empty 2.0.0 Name of Accumulo instance to connect to
instance.zookeepers localhost:2181 2.0.0 Zookeeper connection information for Accumulo instance
instance.zookeepers.timeout 30s 2.0.0 Zookeeper session timeout
auth.type password 2.0.0 Authentication method (i.e password, kerberos, PasswordToken, KerberosToken, etc)
auth.principal empty 2.0.0 Accumulo principal/username for chosen authentication method
auth.token empty 2.0.0 Authentication token (ex. mypassword, /path/to/keytab)
batch.writer.durability default 2.0.0 The durability used to write to the write-ahead log. Legal values are: none, which skips the write-ahead log; log, which sends the data to the write-ahead log, but does nothing to make it durable; flush, which pushes data to the file system; and sync, which ensures the data is written to disk. Setting this property will change the durability for the BatchWriter session. A value of “default” will use the table’s durability setting.
batch.writer.latency.max 120s 2.0.0 Max amount of time (in seconds) to hold data in memory before flushing it
batch.writer.memory.max 50M 2.0.0 Max memory (in bytes) to batch before writing
batch.writer.threads.max 3 2.0.0 Maximum number of threads to use for writing data to tablet servers.
batch.writer.timeout.max 0 2.0.0 Max amount of time (in seconds) an unresponsive server will be re-tried. An exception is thrown when this timeout is exceeded. Set to zero for no timeout.
batch.scanner.num.query.threads 3 2.0.0 Number of concurrent query threads to spawn for querying
scanner.batch.size 1000 2.0.0 Number of key/value pairs that will be fetched at time from tablet server
ssl.enabled false   Enable SSL for client RPC
ssl.keystore.password empty   Password used to encrypt keystore
ssl.keystore.path empty 2.0.0 Path to SSL keystore file
ssl.keystore.type jks   Type of SSL keystore
ssl.truststore.password empty   Password used to encrypt truststore
ssl.truststore.path empty 2.0.0 Path to SSL truststore file
ssl.truststore.type jks   Type of SSL truststore
ssl.use.jsse false   Use JSSE system properties to configure SSL
sasl.enabled false   Enable SASL for client RPC
sasl.kerberos.server.primary accumulo   Kerberos principal/primary that Accumulo servers use to login
sasl.qop auth   SASL quality of protection. Valid values are ‘auth’, ‘auth-int’, and ‘auth-conf’
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