Apache Accumulo 3.0.0

14 Feb 2023

Apache Accumulo 3.0.0 contains significant changes from 2.1 and earlier versions.

Notable Changes

Arguments to server processes were removed in favor of configuration properties

The server process arguments (-a, -g, -q, etc.) were removed in #3192 in favor of configuration properties that can be specified in the Accumulo configuration files or supplied on a per-process basis using the -o argument.

Support for the replication feature has been removed

The replication feature was marked as deprecated in 2.0.0 and was removed in #3080. TODO - Need to discuss what happens to the replication table

FileSystem monitor will no longer stop the TabletServer

In #1328 the tserver.monitor.fs property has been marked as deprecated and the background thread in the TabletServer was modified to not halt the TabletServer when one of the local disks becomes read-only.

Other Notable Changes

  • #3189 Standardized server lock data structure in ZooKeeper
  • #3115, #3116, #3117 Removed deprecated TabletBalancer, Constraint, and other APIs.
  • #3114 The VolumeChooser API, deprecated in 2.1.0 in favor of an SPI implementation, was removed.
  • #3111 The CompactionStrategy class, deprecated in favor of CompactionSelector and CompactionConfigurer, was removed.
  • #3105 Removed deprecated properties
  • #3074 The ClientConfiguration class, deprecated in 2.0.0, was removed.
  • #3073 The Connector and Instance client classes, deprecated in 2.0.0, were removed.
  • #2443 The MapReduce APIs, deprecated in 2.0.0, were removed.

where applicable. Removed tserver TLevel logging class.

  • ACCUMULO-1787 - Two tier compaction strategy. Support compacting small files with snappy and large files with gzip.


View the Upgrading Accumulo documentation for guidance.

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