Apache Accumulo 1.10.4

16 Nov 2023


Apache Accumulo 1.10.4 is the final bug fix release of the 1.10 LTM release line. As of this release, the 1.10 release line is now considered end-of-life. This means that any fixes that are applied because of a bug found in this version will not be applied and released as a new 1.10 patch version, but instead will be applied and released to the currently active release lines, if they apply to those versions.

These release notes are highlights of the changes since 1.10.3. The full detailed changes can be seen in the git history. If anything important is missing from this list, please contact us to have it included.

Users of any 1.10 version are encouraged to upgrade to the next LTM release, which is 2.1 at the time of this writing. This patch release is provided as a final release with all the patches the developers have made to 1.10, for anybody who must remain using 1.10, and who want to upgrade from an earlier 1.x version.

Known Issues

Apache Commons VFS was upgraded in #1295 for 1.10.0 and some users have reported issues similar to VFS-683. Possible solutions are discussed in #2775. This issue is applicable to all 1.10 versions.

Major Improvements

  • #3391 Drop support for MapFile file formats as an alternative to RFile; the use of MapFiles was already broken, and had been for a long time. So this change was done to cause an explicit and detectable failure, rather than allow a silent one to occur if a MapFile was attempted to be used.
  • #3703 Add verification checks to improve the reliability of the accumulo-gc, in order to ensure that a full row for a tablet was seen when a file deletion candidate is checked

Other Improvements

  • #3300 Fix the documentation about iterator teardown in the user manual
  • #3343 Fix errors in the javadoc for Range

Note About JDK 15

See the note in the 1.10.1 release notes about the use of JDK 15 or later, as the information pertaining to the use of the CMS garbage collector remains applicable to all 1.10 releases.

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