Apache Accumulo 1.10.3

13 Apr 2023


Apache Accumulo 1.10.3 is a bug fix release of the 1.10 LTM release line.

These release notes are highlights of the changes since 1.10.2. The full detailed changes can be seen in the git history. If anything important is missing from this list, please contact us to have it included.

Users of 1.10.2 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade to 1.10.3, as this is a continuation of the 1.10 LTM release line with bug fixes and improvements, and it supersedes any prior 1.x version. Users are also encouraged to consider migrating to a 2.x version when one that is suitable for their needs becomes available.

Known Issues

Apache Commons VFS was upgraded in #1295 for 1.10.0 and some users have reported issues similar to VFS-683. Possible solutions are discussed in #2775. This issue is applicable to all 1.10 versions.

Major Improvements


Other Improvements

  • #2708 Disabled merging minor-compactions by default
  • #3226 Change scan thread resource management to use a “fair” semaphore to avoid resource starvation in some situations
  • #3221, #3249, #3261 Improve some performance by improving split point calculations
  • #3276 Improve performance by optimizing internal data structures in frequently used Authorizations object

Other Bug Fixes

  • #3069 Fix a minor bug with VFS on newer Java versions due to MIME-type changes
  • #3176 Fixed bug in client scanner code that was not using the correct timeout variable in some places
  • #3168 Fixed bug in TabletLocator that could cause the BatchScanner to return duplicate data
  • #3231, #3235 Fix wait timeout logic when waiting for minimum number of available tservers during startup

Note About JDK 15

See the note in the 1.10.1 release notes about the use of JDK 15 or later, as the information pertaining to the use of the CMS garbage collector remains applicable to all 1.10 releases.

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