Apache Accumulo 1.10.2

13 Feb 2022


Apache Accumulo 1.10.2 is a bug fix release of the 1.10 LTM release line.

These release notes are highlights of the changes since 1.10.1. The full detailed changes can be seen in the git history. If anything important is missing from this list, please contact us to have it included.

Users of 1.10.1 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade to 1.10.2, as this is a continuation of the 1.10 LTM release line with bug fixes and improvements, and it supersedes any prior 1.x version. Users are also encouraged to consider migrating to a 2.x version when one that is suitable for their needs becomes available.

Known Issues

Apache Commons VFS was upgraded in #1295 and some users have reported issues similar to VFS-683. Possible solutions are discussed in #2775.

Major Improvements

This release bundles reload4j (#2458) in the convenience binary and uses that instead of log4j 1.2. This is to make it easier for users to avoid the many CVEs that apply to log4j 1.2, which is no longer being maintained. Accumulo 2.x versions will have already switched to use the latest log4j 2. However, doing so required making some breaking API changes and other substantial changes, so that can’t be done for Accumulo 1.10. Using reload4j instead, was deemed to be a viable interim solution until Accumulo 2.x.

Other Improvements

  • #1808 Re-throw exceptions in threads instead of merely logging them
  • #1863 Avoid unnecessory redundant log sorting
  • #1917 Ensure RFileWriterBuilder API validates filenames
  • #2006 Detect system config changes in HostRegexTableLoadBalancer without restarting master
  • #2464 Apply timeout to socket.connect()

Other Bug Fixes

  • #1775 Ensure monitor reports a dead tserver when it is killed
  • #1858 Fix a bug in the monitor graphs due to use of int instead of long
  • #2370 Fix bug in getsplits command in the shell

Note About JDK 15

See the note in the 1.10.1 release notes about the use of JDK 15 or later, as the information pertaining to the use of the CMS garbage collector remains applicable to this version.

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