Apache Accumulo 2.1.2

21 Aug 2023


Apache Accumulo 2.1.2 is a patch release of the 2.1 LTM line. It contains bug fixes and minor enhancements. This version supersedes 2.1.1. Users upgrading to 2.1 should upgrade directly to this version instead of 2.1.1.

Included here are some highlights of the most interesting bugs fixed and features added in 2.1.2. For the full set of changes, please see the commit history or issue tracker.

Notable Improvements

Improvements that affect performance:

  • #3499, #3543, #3549, #3500, #3509 Made some optimizations around the processing of file references in the accumulo-gc code, including optimizing a constructor in a class called TabletFile used to track file references.
  • #3541, #3542 Added a new property, manager.tablet.watcher.interval, to make the time to wait between scanning the metadata table for outstanding tablet actions (such as assigning tablets, etc.) to be configurable.

Improvements that help with administration:

  • #3678, #3683 Added extra validation of property table.class.loader.context at the time it is set, to prevent invalid contexts from being set on a table.
  • #3548, #3561 Added a banner to the manager page in the Monitor that displays the manager state and goal state when they are not normal.
  • #3383, #3680 Prompt the user for confirmation when they attempt to set a deprecated property in the Shell as a way to get them to use the non-deprecated property.
  • #3233, #3562 Add option to --exclude-parent to allow creating a table or namespace in the shell initialized with only the properties set on another table or namespace, but not those the other table or namespace were inheriting from their parent.
  • #3600 Normalized metric labels and structure.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • #3488, #3612 Fixed sorting of some columns on the monitor
  • #3674, #3677, #3685 Prevent an invalid table context and other errors from killing the minor compaction thread and preventing a tablet from being closed and shutting down normally.
  • #3630, #3631 Fix a bug where BatchWriter latency and timeout values were incorrectly converted to the wrong time unit..
  • #3617, #3622 Close LocalityGroupReader when IOException is thrown to release reference to a possibly corrupted stream in a cached block file.
  • #3570, #3571 Fixed the TabletGroupWatcher shutdown order.
  • #3569, #3579 #3644 Changes to ensure that scan sessions are cleaned up.
  • #3553, #3555 A bug where a failed user compaction would not retry and would hang was fixed.

Other Notable Changes

  • #3550 The contents of the contrib directory have been moved to more appropriate locations for build-related resources


View the Upgrading Accumulo documentation for guidance.

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