Contributor Guide

Please read the How to Contribute page first before reading this guide. This page contains additional project documentation.

Accumulo previously used JIRA, but now uses GitHub issues. All new issues should be opened using GitHub. If working an existing JIRA issue, please do the following :

  • Open a new GitHub issue or pull request.
  • Link the GitHub issue to the JIRA issue.
  • Link the JIRA issue to the GitHub issue.
  • Close the JIRA issue as a duplicate.

Eventually, JIRA will be transitioned to a read-only state for reference. For finding issues to work, there may still be open issues labeled for newbies in JIRA.

GitHub Project Boards (Projects)

Project boards (also “projects”) are used to track the status of issues and pull requests for a specific milestone. Projects with names such as 2.1.0, and 1.10.1 are used for tracking issues associated with a particular release and release planning. These are set up as basic Kanban boards with automation, with To do, In progress, and Done statuses. These projects are marked as “closed” when the version indicated is released. Other projects may exist for miscellaneous puposes, such as tracking multiple issues related to a larger effort. These projects will be named appropriately to indicate their purpose.

For Contributors

The docs below provide additional information for contributors.

For Committers

The docs below are for committers but may be of interest to contributors as well.

Code Editors

Feel free to use any editor when contributing Accumulo. If you are looking for a recommendation, many Accumulo developers use IntelliJ or Eclipse. Below are some basic instructions to help you get started.

Project Governance

For details about governance policies for the Accumulo project view the following links.