Public API Definition

Accumulo’s public API is composed of all public types in the following packages and their sub-packages excluding those named impl, thrift, or crypto.

A type is a class, interface, or enum. Anything with public or protected access in an API type is in the API. This includes, but is not limited to: methods, members classes, interfaces, and enums. Package-private types in the above packages are not considered public API.

The Accumulo project maintains binary compatibility across this API within a major release, as defined in the Java Language Specification 3rd ed. Starting with Accumulo 1.6.2 and 1.7.0 all API changes follow semver 2.0. Accumulo code outside of the defined API does not follow semver and may change in incompatible ways at any release.

The following regex matches imports that are not Accumulo public API. This regex can be used with RegexpSingleline to automatically find suspicious imports in a project using Accumulo.

For 1.x:


For 2.0 and later, this can be simplified, because sub-packages not intended for public API were relocated, and also altered to include the new MapReduce module:


See the blog post about using the checkstyle plugin for more explicit non-API detection.