User Manual: Accumulo Shell

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Accumulo Shell

Accumulo provides a simple shell that can be used to examine the contents and configuration settings of tables, apply individual mutations, and change configuration settings.

The shell can be started by the following command:

$ACCUMULO_HOME/bin/accumulo shell -u [username]

The shell will prompt for the corresponding password to the username specified and then display the following prompt:

Shell - Apache Accumulo Interactive Shell
- version 1.3
- instance name: myinstance
- instance id: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
- type 'help' for a list of available commands

Basic Administration

The Accumulo shell can be used to create and delete tables, as well as to configure table and instance specific options.

root@myinstance> tables

root@myinstance> createtable mytable

root@myinstance mytable>

root@myinstance mytable> tables

root@myinstance mytable> createtable testtable

root@myinstance testtable>

root@myinstance junk> deletetable testtable


The Shell can also be used to insert updates and scan tables. This is useful for inspecting tables.

root@myinstance mytable> scan

root@myinstance mytable> insert row1 colf colq value1
insert successful

root@myinstance mytable> scan
row1 colf:colq [] value1

Table Maintenance

The compact command instructs Accumulo to schedule a compaction of the table during which files are consolidated and deleted entries are removed.

root@myinstance mytable> compact -t mytable
07 16:13:53,201 [shell.Shell] INFO : Compaction of table mytable
scheduled for 20100707161353EDT

The flush command instructs Accumulo to write all entries currently in memory for a given table to disk.

root@myinstance mytable> flush -t mytable
07 16:14:19,351 [shell.Shell] INFO : Flush of table mytable

User Administration

The Shell can be used to add, remove, and grant privileges to users.

root@myinstance mytable> createuser bob
Enter new password for 'bob': *********
Please confirm new password for 'bob': *********

root@myinstance mytable> authenticate bob
Enter current password for 'bob': *********

root@myinstance mytable> grant System.CREATE_TABLE -s -u bob

root@myinstance mytable> user bob
Enter current password for 'bob': *********

bob@myinstance mytable> userpermissions
System permissions: System.CREATE_TABLE
Table permissions (!METADATA): Table.READ
Table permissions (mytable): NONE

bob@myinstance mytable> createtable bobstable
bob@myinstance bobstable>

bob@myinstance bobstable> user root
Enter current password for 'root': *********

root@myinstance bobstable> revoke System.CREATE_TABLE -s -u bob

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