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Accumulo Tour: Getting Started

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First make sure you have Java, Maven and Git installed on your machine. Oh you are already rocking? OK let’s go!

  1. Clone the code repository for the tour onto your machine:
    git clone -b tour tour
    cd tour
  2. Open in your favorite editor.
    vim ./src/main/java/tour/

    Notice the main method creates a MiniAccumuloCluster with a root password of “tourguide”. MiniAccumuloCluster is a mini version of Accumulo that runs on your local filesystem. It should only be used for development purposes but will work great here on the tour. Files and logs used by MiniAccumuloCluster can be seen in the target/mac###### directory.

  3. Modify the exercise method to print a hello message. You will put your code in this method for each lesson.
     static void exercise(MiniAccumuloCluster mac) {
         // start writing your code here
         System.out.println("Hello world");
  4. Build and run to make sure everything is cool.
    mvn -q clean compile exec:java

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