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Current Releases

2.0.0-alpha-2 preview

The 2.0.0-alpha-2 release of Apache Accumulo® has been made available as a preview release for 2.0.0. This version is not suitable for production use, and should be used for feedback and testing purposes only. See the release notes for more details.

Binary accumulo-2.0.0-alpha-2-bin.tar.gz ASC SHA
Source accumulo-2.0.0-alpha-2-src.tar.gz ASC SHA

2.0 Documentation

1.9.3 latest

The most recent stable Apache Accumulo® release is version 1.9.3. See the release notes.

Binary accumulo-1.9.3-bin.tar.gz ASC SHA
Source accumulo-1.9.3-src.tar.gz ASC SHA

1.9 Documentation

Older releases

Older releases are listed in the release archive and can be downloaded from the download archive.