NoSQL Day 2019

Date:   28 Feb 2019

On May 21st in Washington, DC, there will be a one-day community event for Apache Accumulo, HBase, and Phoenix called NoSQL Day. We hope that these three Apache communities can come together to share stories from the field and learn from one another. This event is being offered by the DataWorks Summit organization, prior to their DataWorks Summit event May 20th through 23rd.

At this time, we are looking for speakers, attendees, and sponsors for the event. For speakers, we hope to see a wide breadth of subjects and focus, anything from performance, scaling, real-life applications, dev-ops, or best-practices. All speakers are welcome! Abstracts can be submitted here.

For attendees, we want to get the best and brightest from each of the respective communities because the organizers believe we have much to learn from from each other. We’ve tried to keep costs down to make this approachable for all.

Finally, sponsors are the major enabler to provide events like these at low-costs to attendees. If you are interested in a corporate sponsorship, please feel free to contact Josh Elser for more information.

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