Class ReverseLexicoder<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Encoder<T>, Lexicoder<T>

public class ReverseLexicoder<T> extends AbstractLexicoder<T>
A lexicoder that flips the sort order from another lexicoder. If this is applied to DateLexicoder, the most recent date will be sorted first and the oldest date will be sorted last. If it's applied to LongLexicoder, the Long.MAX_VALUE will be sorted first and Long.MIN_VALUE will be sorted last, etc...
  • Constructor Details

    • ReverseLexicoder

      public ReverseLexicoder(Lexicoder<T> lexicoder)
      lexicoder - The lexicoder who's sort order will be flipped.
  • Method Details

    • encode

      public byte[] encode(T data)
    • decodeUnchecked

      protected T decodeUnchecked(byte[] data, int offset, int len)
      Description copied from class: AbstractEncoder
      Decodes a byte array without checking if the offset and len exceed the bounds of the actual array.
      Specified by:
      decodeUnchecked in class AbstractEncoder<T>