This accumulo2-maven-plugin allows your Maven project to run a mini, single node instance of Apache Accumulo 2.x in order for you to run your project’s integration tests against a live version of Accumulo.

This version of the plugin uses accumulo-minicluster-2.0.0. This version can be overridden similar to overriding checkstyle versions by a later 2.x version. Because Accumulo follows Semantic Versioning, and this plugin limits itself to using only public API, this should work if you meet the dependency requirements of that version (accumulo-minicluster-2.1.0 will require Java 11, for example).

Getting Started

To add this plugin to your project, configure the plugin similarly to:


and build your project, similarly to:

mvn verify

The start goal typically runs at the pre-integration-test phase, and the stop goal typically runs at the post-integration-test phase of the Maven lifecycle, so your project will have access to the running Accumulo instance during the integration-test phase to perform its integration tests.