Class WholeRowIterator

All Implemented Interfaces:
OptionDescriber, SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value>, YieldingKeyValueIterator<Key,Value>

public class WholeRowIterator extends RowEncodingIterator
The WholeRowIterator is designed to provide row-isolation so that queries see mutations as atomic. It does so by encapsulating an entire row of key/value pairs into a single key/value pair, which is returned through the client as an atomic operation.

This iterator extends the RowEncodingIterator, providing implementations for rowEncoder and rowDecoder which serializes all column and value information from a given row into a single ByteStream in a value.

As with the RowEncodingIterator, when seeking in the WholeRowIterator using a range that starts at a non-inclusive first key in a row, this iterator will skip to the next row.

To regain the original key/value pairs of the row, call the decodeRow function on the key/value pair that this iterator returned.

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