Interface ImportConfiguration.Builder

Enclosing interface:

public static interface ImportConfiguration.Builder
A ImportConfiguration builder
  • Method Details

    • setKeepOffline

      ImportConfiguration.Builder setKeepOffline(boolean keepOffline)
      The new table is normally brought online after the import process. This allows leaving the new table offline
      keepOffline - true if the new table is to be kept offline after importing.
    • setKeepMappings

      ImportConfiguration.Builder setKeepMappings(boolean keepMappings)
      During the table import transaction, an intermediate Constants.IMPORT_MAPPINGS_FILE file is created and usually removed after the import process is completed. Setting this option to true will keep the file after the import is finished. Typically, when this is set to true, setKeepOffline(boolean) is also set to true, allowing for validation/debugging before bringing the new table online.
      keepMappings - true if the Constants.IMPORT_MAPPINGS_FILE is to be kept after importing.
    • build

      Build the import table configuration
      the built immutable import table configuration