• Class
    An implementation of ByteSequence that uses a backing byte array.
    A sequence of bytes.
    A column, specified by family, qualifier, and visibility.
    A single column and value pair within a Mutation.
    since 1.7.0 In an attempt to clean up types in the data package that were not intended to be in public API this type was deprecated.
    Conditions that must be met on a particular column in a row.
    A Mutation that contains a list of conditions that must all be met before the mutation is applied.
    A summary of constraint violations across some number of mutations.
    This is the Key used to store and access individual values in Accumulo.
    since 1.7.0 use TabletId
    A key/value pair.
    Mutation represents an action that manipulates a row in a table.
    Formats available for serializing Mutations.
    Specifications for part of a Key.
    This class is used to specify a range of Accumulo keys.
    A TabletId provides the information needed to uniquely identify a tablet.
    A byte sequence that is usable as a key or value.
    A Comparator optimized for Value.