Class ConstraintViolationSummary


public class ConstraintViolationSummary extends Object
A summary of constraint violations across some number of mutations.
  • Field Details

    • constrainClass

      public String constrainClass
    • violationCode

      public short violationCode
    • violationDescription

      public String violationDescription
    • numberOfViolatingMutations

      public long numberOfViolatingMutations
  • Constructor Details

    • ConstraintViolationSummary

      public ConstraintViolationSummary(String constrainClass, short violationCode, String violationDescription, long numberOfViolatingMutations)
      Creates a new summary.
      constrainClass - class of constraint that was violated
      violationCode - violation code
      violationDescription - description of violation
      numberOfViolatingMutations - number of mutations that produced this particular violation
    • ConstraintViolationSummary

      public ConstraintViolationSummary( tcvs)
      Creates a new summary from Thrift.
      tcvs - Thrift summary
  • Method Details

    • getConstrainClass

      public String getConstrainClass()
    • getViolationCode

      public short getViolationCode()
    • getViolationDescription

      public String getViolationDescription()
    • getNumberOfViolatingMutations

      public long getNumberOfViolatingMutations()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • toThrift

      public toThrift()
      Converts this summary to Thrift.
      Thrift summary