Class SimpleScanDispatcher

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimpleScanDispatcher extends Object implements ScanDispatcher
If no options are given, then this will default to an executor named default and ScanDispatch.CacheUsage.TABLE for index and data cache. This dispatcher supports the following options.
  • table.scan.dispatcher.opts.executor=<scan executor name> : dispatches all scans to the named executor.
  • table.scan.dispatcher.opts.multi_executor=<scan executor name> : dispatches batch scans to the named executor.
  • table.scan.dispatcher.opts.single_executor=<scan executor name> : dispatches regular scans to the named executor.
  • table.scan.dispatcher.opts.executor.<type>=<scan executor name> : dispatches scans that set the hint scan_type=<type> to the named executor. If this setting matches then it takes precedence over all other settings. See ScannerBase.setExecutionHints(Map)
  • table.scan.dispatcher.opts.cacheUsage.<type>[.index|.data]=enabled|disabled|opportunistic|table : for scans that set the hint scan_type=<type> determines how the scan will use cache.
The multi_executor and single_executor options override the executor option.