Interface ScanServerSelector.InitParameters

Enclosing interface:

public static interface ScanServerSelector.InitParameters
This interface exists so that is easier to evolve what is passed to ScanServerSelector.init(InitParameters) without having to make breaking changes.
  • Method Details

    • getOptions

      Map<String,String> getOptions()
      Options that were set in the client config using the prefix scan.server.selector.opts.. The prefix will be stripped. For example if scan.server.selector.opts.k1=v1 is set in client config, then the returned map will contain k1=v1.
    • getServiceEnv

      ServiceEnvironment getServiceEnv()
    • getScanServers

      Supplier<Collection<ScanServerInfo>> getScanServers()
      the set of live ScanServers. Each time the supplier is called it may return something different. A good practice would be to call this no more than once per a call to ScanServerSelector.selectServers(SelectorParameters) so that decisions are made using a consistent set of scan servers.