Interface ScanServerSelections

public interface ScanServerSelections
Returned by ScanServerSelector.selectServers(ScanServerSelector.SelectorParameters) to specify what scan servers to use and how to use them.
  • Method Details

    • getScanServer

      String getScanServer(TabletId tabletId)
      what scan server to use for a given tablet. Returning null indicates the tablet server should be used for this tablet.
    • getDelay

      Duration getDelay()
      The amount of time to wait on the client side before starting to contact servers. Return Duration.ZERO if no client side wait is desired.
    • getBusyTimeout

      Duration getBusyTimeout()
      The amount of time to wait for a scan to start on the server side before reporting busy. For example if a scan request is sent to scan server with a busy timeout of 50ms and the scan has not started running within that time then the scan server will not ever run the scan and it will report back busy. If the scan starts running, then it will never report back busy. Setting a busy timeout that is ≤ 0 means that it will wait indefinitely on the server side for the task to start.