Interface ScanInfo

public interface ScanInfo
Provides information about an active Accumulo scan against a tablet. Accumulo scans operate by repeatedly gathering batches of data and returning those to the client.

All times are in milliseconds and obtained using System.currentTimeMillis().

  • Method Details

    • getScanType

      ScanInfo.Type getScanType()
    • getTableId

      TableId getTableId()
    • getCreationTime

      long getCreationTime()
      Returns the first time a tablet knew about a scan over its portion of data. This is the time a scan session was created inside a tablet server. If the scan goes across multiple tablet servers then within each tablet server there will be a different creation time.
    • getLastRunTime

      OptionalLong getLastRunTime()
      If the scan has run, returns the last run time.
    • getRunTimeStats

      Stats getRunTimeStats()
      Returns timing statistics about running and gathering a batches of data.
    • getIdleTimeStats

      Stats getIdleTimeStats()
      Returns statistics about the time between running. These stats are only about the idle times before the last run time. The idle time after the last run time are not included. If the scan has never run, then there are no stats.
    • getIdleTimeStats

      Stats getIdleTimeStats(long currentTime)
      This method is similar to getIdleTimeStats(), but it also includes the time period between the last run time and now in the stats. If the scan has never run, then the stats are computed using only currentTime - creationTime.
    • getFetchedColumns

      Set<Column> getFetchedColumns()
      This method returns what column were fetched by a scan. When a family is fetched, a Column object where everything but the family is null is in the set.

      The following example code shows how this method can be used to check if a family was fetched or a family+qualifier was fetched. If continually checking for the same column, should probably create a constant.

         boolean wasFamilyFetched(ScanInfo si, byte[] fam) {
           Column family = new Column(fam, null, null);
           return si.getFetchedColumns().contains(family);
         boolean wasColumnFetched(ScanInfo si, byte[] fam, byte[] qual) {
           Column col = new Column(fam, qual, null);
           return si.getFetchedColumns().contains(col);
      The family and family+qualifier pairs fetched.
    • getClientScanIterators

      Collection<IteratorConfiguration> getClientScanIterators()
      iterators that where configured on the client side scanner
    • getExecutionHints

      Map<String,String> getExecutionHints()
      Hints set by a scanner using ScannerBase.setExecutionHints(Map)