Interface CompactionPlanner.InitParameters

Enclosing interface:

public static interface CompactionPlanner.InitParameters
This interface exists so the API can evolve and additional parameters can be passed to the method in the future.
  • Method Details

    • getServiceEnvironment

      ServiceEnvironment getServiceEnvironment()
    • getOptions

      Map<String,String> getOptions()
      The configured options. For example if the system properties tserver.compaction.major.service.s1.planner.opts.p1=abc and tserver.compaction.major.service.s1.planner.opts.p9=123 were set, then this map would contain p1=abc and p9=123. In this example s1 is the identifier for the compaction service. Each compaction service has a single planner.
    • getFullyQualifiedOption

      String getFullyQualifiedOption(String key)
      For a given key from the map returned by getOptions() determines the fully qualified tablet property for that key. For example if a planner was being initialized for compaction service CS9 and this method were passed prop1 then it would return tserver.compaction.major.service.CS9.planner.opts.prop1.
    • getExecutorManager

      ExecutorManager getExecutorManager()
      an execution manager that can be used to created thread pools within a compaction service.