Class MockInstance

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@Deprecated public class MockInstance extends Object implements Instance
since 1.8.0; use MiniAccumuloCluster or a standard mock framework instead.
Mock Accumulo provides an in memory implementation of the Accumulo client API. It is possible that the behavior of this implementation may differ subtly from the behavior of Accumulo. This could result in unit tests that pass on Mock Accumulo and fail on Accumulo or visa-versa. Documenting the differences would be difficult and is not done.

An alternative to Mock Accumulo called MiniAccumuloCluster was introduced in Accumulo 1.5. MiniAccumuloCluster spins up actual Accumulo server processes, can be used for unit testing, and its behavior should match Accumulo. The drawback of MiniAccumuloCluster is that it starts more slowly than Mock Accumulo.