Apache Accumulo 2.0.1

24 Dec 2020

Apache Accumulo 2.0.1 contains bug fixes for 2.0.0.

Since 2.0 is a non-LTM release line, and since an LTM release line has not yet been made available for 2.x, this patch backports critical bug fixes to 2.0 to address security bug CVE-2020-17533 that could affect any existing 2.0.0 users. Users that have already migrated to 2.0.0 are urged to upgrade to 2.0.1 as soon as possible, and users of 1.10 who wish to upgrade to 2.0 should upgrade directly to 2.0.1, bypassing 2.0.0.

These release notes are highlights of the changes since 2.0.0. The full detailed changes can be seen in the git history. If anything is missing from this list, please contact us to have it included.

Critical Bug Fixes

This release includes critical bug fixes to fix security bugs identified as CVE-2020-17533:

  • #1828, #1832 Throw exceptions when permission checks fail, and improve test coverage for permissions checks

Other Bug Fixes

  • #1839 Fix AccumuloClient’s builder to prevent it from modifying a provided Properties object when building a client from Properties

Note About Newer JDK Versions (11 and later)

While work has been done on other branches to better support newer JDK versions, that is not the case for this non-LTM release. Certain non-critical aspects of this release are known to break with some newer versions of JDK.

For example, the version of maven-javadoc-plugin may fail to generate the javadocs using a newer JDK’s javadoc tool. In addition, this release assumes the use of the CMS garbage collector in its build tests and in minicluster. Newer JDKs, where CMS has been removed, may fail to execute Accumulo build tests in this release.

Therefore, it is recommended to use JDK 8 or JDK 11 with this release, which are known to work.

Note About ZooKeeper Versions 3.5 and Later

This release assumes the use of ZooKeeper 3.4. While work has been done on other branches to better support newer ZooKeeper versions (3.5 and later), this is a targeted release to fix specific bugs and does not include those kinds of improvements.

Therefore, in order to use this release with ZooKeeper versions 3.5 and later, you may need to edit your default class path, or perform other minor changes to work smoothly with those versions of ZooKeeper. Please contact us if you need assistance working with newer versions of ZooKeeper.


View the Upgrading Accumulo documentation for guidance.

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