Apache Accumulo 1.10.1

22 Dec 2020


Apache Accumulo 1.10.1 is a bug fix release of the 1.10 LTM release line.

These release notes are highlights of the changes since 1.10.0. The full detailed changes can be seen in the git history. If anything is missing from this list, please contact us to have it included.

Users of 1.10.0 or earlier are urged to upgrade to 1.10.1 as soon as possible, as this is a continuation of the 1.10 LTM release line with critical bug fixes for security bug CVE-2020-17533. Users are also encouraged to consider migrating to a 2.x version when one that is suitable for their needs becomes available.

Critical Bug Fixes

This release includes critical bug fixes to fix security bugs identified as CVE-2020-17533:

  • #1830, #1832 Throw exceptions when permission checks fail, and improve test coverage for permissions checks (backport of #1828)

Other Bug Fixes

  • #1716, #1729, #1737 Improvements in tool.sh, including better support for newer ZooKeeper and Hadoop versions
  • #1829 Improve log message in Delete Cleanup FATE
  • #1734 Support building native libraries on alpine-based distros

Note About JDK 15

Accumulo 1.x assumes the use of the CMS garbage collector in its build tests and in the minicluster code. That garbage collector was removed in newer versions of Java, and the build flags for Java that supported configuring the CMS garbage collector now cause errors if attempted to be used with Java 15 or later.

Therefore, a change was made in 1.10.1’s build to fail fast if attempting to build with JDK 15 or later (using JDK 11 or later was already a build requirement).

If you need to build on JDK 15 or later, and intend to skip tests and don’t intend to use minicluster, you can bypass this build constraint by building with -Denforcer.skip, as a workaround.

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