Contact Us

Below are ways to get in touch with the Apache Accumulo community.


Accumulo uses JIRA to track bugs and new features. Before creating an issue, you will need to create an Apache JIRA account.

Mailing Lists

The Accumulo mailing lists are for general discussions, questions, and announcements. While you can read the archives using the links below, it’s best to subscribe to the user and dev (if you contribute) mailing lists to follow discussions as they happen.

Name Description Read Follow Post
user General user questions, help, and announcements Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
dev Contributor discussions and development activity Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
commits Code changes Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe  
notifications Automated notifications (JIRA, etc.) Archive Subscribe Unsubscribe  


Drop by and chat about Accumulo at #accumulo on freenode.


Contributions to Apache Accumulo are welcome! If you are interested, read how to contribute. If you need help finding something to work on, send a message to our dev mailing list and we’ll help you find a task that interests you.


Attend Accumulo events such as Accumulo Summit and meetups hosted by Accumulo Users Group - DC VA MD.